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Family & Health Insurance


Centurion Insurance Agency offers Health, Life and Disability insurance…

Health Insurance is offered through all major carriers including Blue Cross, Healthnet & Kaiser.  We write Business Groups, family and indidual plans.  Coverages vary per plan design and carrier.  Call us today and we can provide you with caoverage advice and price quotes.

Life insurance provides financial protection for you and your family. It can also be used to cover a mortgage, or fund your retirement.

Term Life Insurance

  • Protection for a specified time period
  • Lower initial cost
  • Ideal for covering a specific need
  • May be convertible to permanent life insurance

Permanent Life Insurance

  • Protection for your entire life
  • Flexible premiums and coverage amounts
  • Competitive interest rates in a tax deferred environment
  • Accessibility to cash values
  • Policy guarantees

Disability insurance provides financial protection for you and your family should you become disabled.

In the event that you become injured or are otherwise unable to work, your family's expenses are unlikely to shrink. In addition, you may be faced with high medical costs and other expenses related to your disability.  Depending on the nature of your disability and your occupation, your short term or long term earnings may be impacted once you return to work. Selecting an appropriate policy and coverages are essential to ensuring your family's financial health.




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